Secure Storage Solutions

Secure Record Storage Solutions

Metro Record Storage and Shredding offers secure storage spaces for businesses to store their sensitive documents and records off-site. Long-term retention of business records can be a cumbersome challenge for many businesses, but is critical to compliance and business continuity. If you do not have the storage space on-site, we offer a solution.
Our centrally located storage spaces in downtown Bakersfield are highly secure with a variety of size and shelving options. All storage spaces are constructed for fire safety, with proven fire-safe preventative measures and dependable water supply for fire sprinklers. We offer monthly or annual billing options to preserve and protect your records in environmentally controlled spaces that safeguard your records from the elements.

Transport Your Documents Securely

We also offer move-in services to transport your documents securely. We will assist you in identifying records for relocation to our secure off-site storage facility. All records will be documented and tagged with your terminology to ensure ease of locating and retrieval as needed. We will maintain a chain of custody record to ensure complete security compliance.

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